Bento&co Contest 2011

Bento&Co contest 2011 summaryThe Bento&Co contest 2011 was definitely an international contest from June 24th to July 19th (results announcement).This year’s theme : “A bento for someone you love” – show how much you love the lucky recipient. It was announced on this website, on our blog or on our FaceBook page.Prizes are mainly offered by our partners and by Bento&Co, such as bento boxes, accessories, furoshiki and Japanese chopsticks.And the very BIG prize is offered by Vivre le Japon: a round trip ticket from Paris to Osaka and a one week exclusive use of a private house in Kyoto.Check out one of the great house, Terrazza, you can rent in Kyoto with Vivre le Japon.The winner will also have the great honnor to meet us (eheh) and to share a dinner with us in a good restaurant in Kyoto !

On July 9th, to top 20 finalists have been selected by Bento&Co team and Maki from the JustBento blog, the international bento specialist ! Her cookbook is still available on Bento&Co.

If you want to have a look at the 20 top entries and their description, it’s here.

Bento&Co contest 2011, the results.

223 entries, France, USA, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, England, Norway, Marocco, Japan, hours spent on the selection, thousands email sent, coffee and of course bento eaten.

Select the 20 finalists was very hard. These 20 shorlisted had been submitted to public vote via Facebook and mail.

And among the 10 best rated pictures, we chose the final order, with the help of our partners. Seven representatives from seven of our makers made their selection.

Drum roll...not in the order

Show photos

The 10 finalists, set in order

  1. Huong. Congratulations ! Huong wins the trip to Kyoto ! An gorgeous bento, a lot of delicacy in the food cutting, great use of colors, perfect use of the box.
  2. Marie. An amazing tour de force of food cutting for this figurative bento that everybody will remember.
  3. Tracy. A bento for two with everything you need : rice, meat, freshness, simple and looks good.
  4. Siti. A kawaii bento with beautiful colors. We can imagine how the kid was happy to eat such a bento for his birthday.
  5. Céline. Kawaii, pink and looks good. Céline is a talented regular bento contest. First prize in 2012 ?
  6. Skander. You may find this bento too simple ? Have a closer look at it. Here, it makes us so hungry !
  7. Rie. The perfect basket. Of course, Japanese, with beautiful colors and a lot of healthy ingredients.
  8. Jenny. An appetizing bento. Here again, we can feel that Jenny is used to prepare everyday bento, but always beautiful bento !
  9. Fanny. Her boyfriend love Japan, well he may be very happy. The box is gorgeous and we’d love to taste it !
  10. Eléonore. A complete lunch, well organised in a round shappe bento. It looks good, and it’s even funny ! Daddy must be proud.
Public vote has choosen the TOP 10, every winner will soon receive an e-mail announcing the good new. From the 2nd to the 10th, they win bento boxes or/and accessories from our partner, AND the Bento&Co 50 euros coupon.
From 11 to 20 : a gift certificate worth 30 euros.
And every other participants will receive a 20% discount code ! Yes all of them !
Thank you very much for your participation. See you next year for a bigger Bento&Co contest !
Source: Bento&co

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