back from holiday and Cake!!!

Everyone had got a great vacation , I wish. Yeap, no bento for holiday but we did enjoy our bakery corner anyway, right Lea?

Soon we will celebrate our traditional Moon festival in September ( call Tet Trung thu in Vietnamese). Beside our traditional moon cakes ( what in order to make we hardly could find enough all original ingredients), so I tried the simple cake (Chinese type). This is a kind of puff paste /pate feuillete in French wrap inside the pastry of red bean, mung bean, lotus seed pastry, nuts pastry… or what ever you can create. Here in the yeallow cake I put a mixture of sweet potato and vanile, the green one contains chessnuts and sugar with flavor of rose water.

They are really look gorgeous in my hana bento box, right?

Once I saw the green macha macaron in the first prize bento of Lea. I was interested in how to make this kind of little wellknown colorful delicious cakes.

I was quite glad for the first try.  It was not that difficult as I though. Those little colorful buttons can makes your mouth watery…

now they are ready for tea time…



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