My very first Bento boxes from Japan


These are very first Bento boxes I ‘ve got from  Japan, for sure Made in Japan :). I love the owl on Furuko bento as well as little fishes Oyako Kuro Demekin (I chosed black fish differs from the red one of Lea, anyway both are so cute, right?) . I decided to present them in my bentos. Aren’t they Kawaii?

1. Fukuro bento is made for daddy at work

* The first compartment

– Japanese sushi rice

– The owl and the moon are made of fried egg decorated by carrot, nori

* The second compartment contains:

– Crispy chicken: chicken was marinated 15 ‘ with garlic powder, fresh root ginger grated, ketchup, soy sauce and sesame seeds. Deep fry

-Fried  quail egg

– Samosa triangular made of seasoned minced (lamp) meat  and herbs

– Salad of sliced carrot+ kohlrabi/ “ chou rave” in vinegar, sugar and cayenne chili what has sweet and sour taste, of course spicy too.

-Vegetables: broccoli, green asparagus, red radish sculptured in flowers

– Dessert: pine-apple and water melon

2.  Oyako Kuro Demekin  is for my little boy 6 years old

– Sushi rice in fish shape, decorated by carrot and red radish

– Vietnamese seafood spring roll ( Le Nem): a mixture of crap meat, shrimp, egg yolk, soja sprout, peas, carrot, chopped spring onion & coriander, salt, black pepper powder. Square wrapped in rice- paper and deep fry.

– Little chick holds mayonnaise sauce for sea food spring roll .( In Vietnamese kitchen spring roll with meat served with  a kind of sauce what is a mixture of water,sugar,vinager, and fish-sauce/NUOC MAM). But the sea food spring roll is nowaday served with mayonnaise)

– Grilled salmon cubes

– Boiled egg in cinamonroll shape

– A yellow rose made of fried egg.

– Sculptured flower from red radish for decoration

– Broccoli and green asparagus

– Strawberry and grape for dessert

Bon appetite !!!


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